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Quilt Preparation


Whether you are an experienced quilter or a new to the world of quilting Plain Jane Quilting offers a few suggestions to help you along this part of the process.


Follow the directions below to prepare your quilt for machine quilting by Plain Jane Quilting.


Piece the front 

If you are planning on using buttons or other embellishments it is best to add them after the quilt is quilting.  Some appliques are okay to add, but not all appliques can be quilted through.  Make sure to clip all threads and ensure that there are no holes in any seams.


Select the batting 

Batting costs extra so feel free to bring your own.  If you would like to use the wonderful batting we offer, make a selection from the available options on the pricing page. When cutting your batting, make sure it is at least 3” bigger all the way around the quilt.  (Ex. If your top is 60×60, batting would need to be at least 66×66)


The backing

Make sure your backing is a total of 8" wider and 8″ longer than the front of your quilt (If your top is 60×60, backing needs to be at least 68×68).  This is extremely important because it allows me to quilt the front to the edge and sometimes I need a little more room. If you do not have enough backing, or it is only a little bigger I may not be able to quilt the whole top. 


Drop off or Shipping

When you deliver your quilt to us you’ll fill out a brief form designating pattern, thread color, measurements, etc. Fill out the order form here. Based on these specifications, exact pricing will be determined. You can estimate the cost of your quilt using our pricing page. You’ll give your quilt one last snuggle and you’ll be on your way. If you have any special concerns or requests feel free to call or e-mail.  



We’ve invested in top of the line equipment to keep our customers happy with our quality and timeliness.  Our new computerized quilting machines enable us to keep up with the challenging projects with quick turnaround. There are many design options avilable. Visit our pattern page and portfolio page to see options. 


Pick up

 Just as soon as your masterpiece is ready, we’ll call you to arrange pick up. 



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